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About Future Noise

Future Noise have been promoting Metal, Doom, Sludge, Grind, Stoner, Drone & Noise mayhem in the UK since 2002, as a collective based in Manchester we’ve worked with numerous bands and companies, the following represents a few of those past & present.

Gigs & Tour Dates

Including High On Fire, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, Grief, Brant Bjork, Baroness, Torche, 5ive, Ramesses, Unearthly Trance, Bongzilla, Unholy Grave, Weedeater, Charger, Black Sun, Conan, Lazarus Blackstar, Electro Zombies, Grief, Ufomammut, Lento, Church Of Misery, Stinking Lizaveta, Solace, Taint, Firebird, 27, Sons of Otis & Beehover,


Paul Catten, Ufomammut Black Sun, Charger, Grifter, Domes of Silence, Bastard of the Skies, Undersmile, Rise to Thunder

Press & Live Photography

Work has been used by Marshall Amplification, Roadburn Festival, Terrorizer Magazine, Rock Sound, NME, Metal Hammer, Zero Tolerance, Rock-A-Rolla, Bad Acid, Capsule/Supersonic, Charger, Brutal Truth, Black Sun, Ramesses, Lazarus Blackstar, The Sontaran Experiment, Rise To Thunder, Volition, Iron Lung and Paul Catten.

Web-design & Web-site Management

Portfolio includes Charger, Conan, Full Stack Studios, Grifter, Head Of Crom Records, Ritual Productions, The Sleeping Shamam & Volition.


Gallhammer / The Sontaran Experiment – UK Tour, Ufomammut/Lento – UK Tour
Electrozombies / Lazarus Blackstar – UK Tour, Malleus Rock Art Lab
Supernatural Cat Recordings, Ufomammut – Idioum Album Release, Lento – Earthen, Stuntcock / The Sontaran Experiment – EP release, Rise To Thunder – EP release
Charger, Jesu @ Sound Control, Manchester, Charger/Conan UK Tour Ufomammut/Morkobot UK Tour, Yob – Silver Widow Promotions.

A massive thanks goes to all these people who without we’d have failed a long time ago!! In no particular order, they are:

Ripley (RIP), Lee @ The Sleeping Shaman, Toby @ Design Void, Raucous (RIP), Slug/Jamie/Taff & the T’witch crew, All @ The Star and Garter, Lauren @ Rarely Unable, Tony @ SRD, Malleus Rock Art Lab, Cris Richardson & all the bands we’ve worked with.

If you think we can help then please get in touch.

The FN Team.