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Bedwetter EP – Release Date Sept 11th 2017 – Future Noise Recordings

31st August 2017

Bedwetter EP – Release Date Sept 11th 2017 – Future Noise Recordings

Catten – Vocals/Drums/Electronics
Seddon – Bass

Following on from the release of their recent critically acclaimed Barrabus album, Paul Catten and Mark Seddon, alias Bedwetter, are to release their debut EP via Future Noise Recordings on Sept 11th 2017. Available as an 11 track limited edition 7”, it will also be available in digital format shortly afterwards.

Written and produced by Catten, this EP incorporates 11 tracks of grindcore, jazz and downright filthy avant-garde metal, with Catten once again pushing his listeners to their limits. Some tracks contain lyrics, others just vocal noises, which as Catten explains “leaves the listener to make up their own minds as to what the words should be”. You can be sure that this slab of plastic will leave its listeners either overjoyed or completely dumbfounded, but then again, any musical project these two have had a hand in creating usually does!

Whilst Catten screams, croons and gargles his way through this 11 minute journey, Seddon creates a bass sound that almost resembles a distorted chainsaw, complimenting the drum craziness that also comes within this Bedwetter saga.

With a nod to artists like Naked City/Fantomas/Boredoms, Catten goes on to say
“this record has been on my mind for a few years…but I just felt like I couldn’t actually make it appear. Removing myself from the live circuit for a while has helped me develop the skills I needed to do this record. And this is just the start”

And just the start it is indeed. Catten is halfway through recording their debut album, due for release early 2018 with talk of assembling a live outfit to bring this terror to the masses.

Track List

1.    Even When I’m Dead (I’ll Still Hate You)
2.    God Obscene
3.    (All I Think About Is) Killing Myself and Sex
4.    My Darling Prescription
5.    No-one To Blame But Myself
6.    Parasites, Vermin and Other Close Friends
7.    You Don’t Remember Me Do You?
8.    A Once Fond Memory (Is Now A Rotting Corpse)
9.    From The Bottom Of My Heart
10.    A Face That Launched A Thousand Shits
11.    Wet Bed Shame

The EP is available for Pre Order from Sept 1st from http://futurenoise.bigcartel.com/
It is also being streamed from 6pm on the same date at – https://soundcloud.com/bedwetteruk


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