Future Noise

Future Noise

Future Noise ’15 Years’ Celebration

15th April 2017

To celebrate the simple fact of reaching 15 years of Future Noise, we have created the special £15 + postage ‘Party Pack’ which includes 2 x vinyl & 7 x CDs from the likes of Paul Catten, Bastard of the Skies, Monolith Cult, Black Sun, Lazarus Blackstar, Grimpen Mire, Undersmile and the mighty Charger, shipping is worldwide.

After a quiet 18 months on the release front due to various personal issues, we are gearing up for a busy spell, first up Rise to Thunder ‘Black Reflections’ due out this summer.

We dedicate this Future Noise birthday to ‘Pete Throbboss’ R.I.P Lord of Thunder (2002-2014 Rise to Thunder)


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