Black Sun
Twilight Of The Gods - CD 2010


Black Sun 'Twilight Of The Gods' CD 2010In the words of Ray Bradbury: "Something wicked this way comes". Recorded at Glasgow's Riverside Studios by the legendary Duncan Cameron (a man and a studio that has been the axis of the Scottish indie scene for more than 20 years – he's worked with Teenage Fanclub, Arab Strap and The Jesus and Mary Chain, to name just three) 'Twilight Of The Gods' rips your face off and replaces it with a charred black mask - eleven huge tracks of cataclysmic uber-rock, skilfully executed by the undisputed best band in the UK, two of which feature Oxbow front man Eugene Robinson on vocals. Black Sun, a name synonymous with a primal and uncompromising sound and an outfit that is universally respected by all bands on the extreme music circuit, have been steadily fermenting in their own foul juices for just over a decade now (this is their sixth studio album). TOTG is the 'mature' sound of a band on top of their game and at the zenith of their creative vision – a beast of a long player that deserves your attention NOW.

Infamous Glasgow-based trio Black Sun exist in the centre of a universe of senseless human pain and brutality – their disturbing post-industrial doom is a gut-wrenching catharsis for the soul. Check out their recent interviews in Zero Tolerance and Rock-A-Rolla for proof of their gravitas. After several successful British and European tours, plus crowd-blitzing performances at Roadburn and Supersonic festivals last year, the awesome threesome of Russell McEwan (drums/vocals), Kevin Hare (guitar/vocals) and Graeme Leggate (bass) are poised to declare a full-scale war of terror with this jaw-dropping new album.


  • Code Black
  • Terminal Velocity
  • Crawling Saviour
  • Gethsemane
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Transcending the Mire
  • Black Angel
  • The Soldier's Prayer
  • Baby Don't Cry
  • Warhead
  • Twilight of the Gods


Black Sun 'Twilight Of The Gods' CD 2010 artwork Black Sun 'Twilight Of The Gods' CD - Front Black Sun 'Twilight Of The Gods' CD - Back Black Sun 'Twilight Of The Gods' CD - Inside


  • Recorded at Riverside Studios, Glasgow
  • Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Duncan Cameron
  • Produced by Black Sun, Future Noise & Head of Crom
  • Artwork by DesignVoid


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