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Stuntcock vs The Sontaran Experiment CDR

Stuntcock vs The Sontaran Experiment CDR 2007
A split release between Stuntcock & The Sontaran Experiment. Stuntock brings an intense ride through harsh noise to ambience, via one person, a laptop and a whole bunch of effects.

Stuntcock then pushed the boundaries a little further in extremity with The Sontaran Experiment bringing together fellow Sontaran’s to bring you crushing doom, blastbeats, harsh electronics/vocals and a beautiful prog feel combined. Immerse yourself into The Sontaran Experiment if you dare. (Featuring ex and current members of Lazarus Blackstar, Medulla Nocte, Barrabus, The Dark Half and This Menace).


  • Stuntcock – When I Heard You Were Dying…
  • Stuntcock – Yes I Am Responsible For The Death Of Your Pets
  • Stuntcock – Duet For Theremin And Nightmare
  • Stuntcock – Another 1000 Ways Of Saying I HATE YOU
  • Stuntcock – It Still Makes Me Laugh To Think Of You Choking On Your Own Vomit
  • Stuntcock – Plan B – Rohypnol And Duct Tape
  • Stuntcock – I Didn’t Burn My Heavy Metal Records For Jesus…
  • Stuntcock – Who The Fuck Is Paul Catten Anyway
  • The Sontaran Experiment – The Subconscious Memory


  • Recorded at Dragonfly Studios, Evesham
  • Produced/Engineered by Dave Draper & The Sontaran Experiment
  • Artwork by Toby DesignVoid



Stuntcock ‘Duet For Theremin And Nightmare’

The Sontaran Experiment ‘The Subconscious Memory’

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