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Pohl ‘Pohlsmoker’ CD

Pohl 'Pohlsmoker'
First joining forces in 2011, Bristol-based POHL are a power duo comprised of Will Pearce and Jamie Thompson. They combine tortured vocals, octave driven guitars and breakneck drumming with a genre-melding songwriting approach that has earned them comparisons to Big Business, Sleep, Melvins and early QOTSA. With a penchant for alcohol and all things heavy, the duo draw on a wide range of influences from the schools of grunge, stoner, doom, noise rock and hardcore, whilst remaining uncompromisingly experimental and original. 2012 has seen them earn a reputation for their intense live shows and gain critical praise for debut EP ‘POHLSMOKER’ which is available now from Future Noise, please note this version contains one extra secret track (shhhhhhh….).

Bristol based Pohl are a band that follow in the footsteps of such two piece luminaries as Death From Above 1979, Black Cobra and Big Business. What we have here with the tongue-in-ass release of ‘Pohlsmoker’ is authentic, big-amp powered riffs, relentless drums all peppered with the ever-cool octave fuzz combination that never seems to get old…’Pohlsmoker’ and Pohl are clearly some form of witchcraft with belting cover art which makes Warhol’s Rolling Stones tongue logo look like something that your granddad would wear on a tee-shirt. Fuck the rest, Pohl are the best. Get this in your ears…now’ – The Sleeping Shaman

‘Title of the EP aside, there’s an obvious Sleep influence on the band. The hypnotic, repetitive riffs and willingness to experiment with song structure set them apart from other bands of this ilk, in a genre that is often marred by a lack of imagination. The attitude is Queens Of The Stone Age up to about Songs for the Deaf, the Mark Lanegan tracks in particular (in musical style, rather than vocals) – the driving fuzzy riffs contrast very well with the occasional unexpected left turn that Pohl metaphorically throw at you…the band don’t really give a fuck for what your mum would call ‘traditional song structure’. I like that. 4/5′ – Beard Rock

‘This is hard and heavy. Bludgeoning you down with the sheer weight of the riffs and drumming. It has rock solid rhythms and melody. This sound was carved in granite and refined in whiskey with a tab chaser…these guys are not subtle. They blend heavy, heavy rock with the feel of classic grunge to make a head-exploding-noise to make your eyes bleed’ – Louder Than War

Pro-Cdr in Digi-pack


  • Fuck Boots
  • Candyass
  • Forward the Old Joke
  • Anathemathician
  • Vampire
  • (Shhh…it’s a Secret Track)


  • Recorded, Mastered & Produced by Latch Manghat
  • Artwork by Will Pearce

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