Future Noise

Future Noise

Monolith Cult ‘Run From The Light’ CD/LP

Monolith Cult 'Run From The Light'
Heavy fucking rock fuelled by sounds of Goatsnake, Grief, Sabbath, Purple, Heep, Rainbow and Dio, described as “Good times for the end times”, featuring members from the likes of Lazarus Blackstar, Solstice, Ex-Khang and Ex-TDR.

“God looked at all that he had made, and he saw that it was shit. Broken and Subdued into religious conversion, Monolith Cult spread the gospel of despair, forcing their beliefs upon all with no ignominy or disgrace. To be a follower of the truth is the righteous path to failure, let us lead you to impending doom, where mass suicide is the light at the end of the tunnel. Born from the bliss of despondent rapture, Monolith Cult provides the opportunity to bring to life the realisation of the forthcoming human cull. Beg, Plead and weep until you disown your old beliefs and leave your family behind as a distant memory. Monolith Cult provides zealous and unquestioning commitment to the riff, they will demand obedience and tell you how to think, act and feel. We are your new support network, every detail of your life is now owned by us. Monolith Cult has a special mission to destroy humanity and raise the banner of the chosen ones. Embrace your new identity and come with us to the ends of the earth, do not question the motives, do not question the reasons, it is now us against them and we must be victorious.”


  • Sold Down The River
  • Monolith Cult
  • Blind Watchmaker
  • Violent Movements
  • Human Cull
  • Suicide and Heroin


  • Recorded & Mastered at Stuck On A Name Studios in Nottingham by Boulty
  • Sleeve designed & assembled by Rich Walker

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