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Run A Live Music Venue Or Are A Local Promoter? Then Get in Touch!

19th September 2012

Future Noise - Label & Booking

We’re currently updating our database of promoters and venues, both in the UK, Ireland and Europe, so if you put on gigs and you’re not currently on our mailing list, then please get in touch and we’ll make sure you’re added as you’ll then be the first to know when tours we’re involved in are being booked.

This also applies if you’re interested in booking any of the bands/artists on our roster for one off gigs, be it an alldayer your organising, a headline slot, support for another touring band or you just simply want them to play for you.

To be added to the mailing list, please email [email protected] stating the area you operate in, venues you work at or use and past gigs you’ve been involved in.


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