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Future Noise

Themes And Variations… Review Over At The Sleeping Shaman

16th November 2011

Praise for Paul Catten’s ‘Themes And Variations For Strings And Electronics’ over at The Sleeping Shaman

“In another life, Paul Catten would perhaps have been horribly disfgured during the explosion of a machine to communicate with the dead, brought about by his own flawed calculations, rescued by mysterious Tibetan monks and perpetually encased within a suit of armour in order that the world not see his scarred visage. He may then, perhaps, go on to terrorise the world from within the borders of his homeland of Latveria, his terrifying armour-clad steel visage being a recognisable symbol of universal fear and dread, holding humanity in contempt whilst wishing to crush and rule them with an iron fist…” Continue reading HERE!

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